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Why Soucy Rivalair?

 Working together to achieve a common goal

Adherence to Deadlines

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Respecting the customer’s delivery time is a pride and a commitment for Soucy Rivalair. This aspect of our service package is frequently assessed in order to ensure customer satisfaction. That way, Soucy Rivalair can be certain that timeliness remains a priority at all levels of the company.

Comparison of criteria according to the customer: Soucy Rivalair vs Competitor *


* According to the annual results of independent studies conducted with Soucy Rivalair customers.

Quality Products and Services

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The utmost is done to make sure that products delivered to Soucy Rivalair's customers meet their quality expectations. This commitment guides all stages of the business process providing satisfaction to their customers with an outstanding professionalism at every level of communication.

Comparison of criteria according to the customer: Soucy Rivalair vs Competitor *


* According to the annual results of independent studies conducted with Soucy Rivalair customers.


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Soucy Rivalair is certified ISO 9001:2008, as well as CSA W47.1 and CSA W47.2M for welding. These certifications are a guarantee of rigour at all company levels. Procedures in place ensure that Soucy Rivalair's customers can rely on quality products, adherence to deadlines, compliance with established standards and design support.

Solid Foundations and a Vision of Growth

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Since its acquisition by the Soucy Group in 2000, Soucy Rivalair continues to modernize and improve its operations, driven by more than 100 dedicated employees. The company invested more than $11M in the last three years in order to increase and diversify its production capacity. These investments allow to Soucy Rivalair to enhance its competitiveness and to giving them a unique character by the acquisition of equipment at the cutting edge of technology (cylindrical grinding machine, 5-axis machining centres and CMM). Moreover, the company invests in the lean manufacturing approach by dedicating teams to process improvement in order to constantly distinguish its services from the competition.

The Group's Strength

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Soucy Rivalair is part of the Soucy group which employs more than 1,400 people in 7 subsidiaries in North America and Asia. Soucy group's service integration establishes it as a strategic one-stop shop. Thus the possibilities become endless by tapping into Soucy Rivalair's machining capabilities, and by combining those skills with Soucy’s experience in manufacturing metal products and parts, assembly, casting, and painting as well as the design and production of UHMW plastic and rubber parts.

In addition to all this, engineering, industrial design and R&D services offered by Soucy group make it an ideal partner who can bring any project to a higher level of innovation and competitiveness.

Finally, the Soucy group offers procurement services in Asia. Two permanent subsidiaries in China benefit from a list of qualified suppliers whose work is continuously validated by a rigorous quality assurance team.

Customer Satisfaction

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Subcontracting is the main activity of Soucy Rivalair. The company's success is entirely based on customer satisfaction.

The company proactively measures customer satisfaction through an annual survey. This approach aims to globally improve the service offering to best meet and exceed the customer’s requirements.

Soucy Rivalair is proudly engage to its customers that their deadlines will be met, that the delivered products will be of the utmost quality, and that its team will treat each customer as unique.


An Employer of Choice

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Innovation is at the core of the day-to-day decisions of Soucy group, Soucy Rivalair does not hesitate to apply this philosophy to its human resources and relationship practices. Thus, various programs of human capital development are implemented, and benefits are significant :

  • Motivated employees having a high sense of belonging;
  • Healthy and productive working relationships;
  • Workforce stability;
  • Determination to always do better;
  • Increased productivity.

In a context of a lack of skilled labour, Soucy Rivalair offers high-quality services with a stable workforce that is continuously specializing and developing, in addition to being highly motivated and professional.

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