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Maximum Capacity

1.25 inches in diameter

For more information about bar turning services, contact the Soucy Rivalair team of consultants.

Bar Turning

Bar turning (screw machining) is a conventional machining technique using cams to machine small diameter parts. In addition to performing common turning operations, bar turning machines allow carrying out tapping, drilling and threading. Soucy Rivalair offers bar turning for batches of 5,000 or more units.

Screw machining - Stainless steel
Screw machining - Splines
Mutli-spindle screw machining
Screw machining and plating
Screw machining - Forming
Screw machining - Chamfer
Screw machining - Shell
Knurling - Copper
Dove tail Machining

Equipment: Bar Turning Machines

  • Automatic multi-spindle bar turning machine 
  • Manual 6-station bar turning machine 
  • Centerless grinder

Services Offered with Bar Turning

  • Support for the development of parts
  • Detailed production report upon request

Furthermore, Soucy Rivalair is ISO 9001:2008 certified and the produced parts can comply with the Reach Standard. Soucy Rivalair can also carry out turnkey projects, thanks to its diversified in-house process, qualified personnel and in-house expertise, combined with those of all Soucy Group’s subsidiaries.

Sectors Requiring Bar Turning

Industrial, agricultural, wind-power, military, recreational vehicles, railways, transport, medical, foundry and power and electrical systems, with customers in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Europe.

Contact the Soucy Rivalair team of consultants for more information about machining and bar turning.


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