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Work-Study Project

Initial discussions on solutions to address the labour shortage in the field of machining started in 2006. We acknowledge that we are working in a seasonal sector, so we have employees temporarily laid off every year in some areas of our factory. On the other hand, we are frequently in search of permanent staff for the machining department.

Our first concern was that we had capable personnel who were unemployed (or underemployed), but they were not qualified to work in the machining department. We also understood the major difficulty of recruiting skilled and available labour.

The idea to offer machining operator training tailored to our needs arose from these two facts. We then contacted the Des Chênes School Board in early 2007 to work on the development of a training program for Mazak CNC lathe operators.

Following the analysis of our current needs and of the considerable knowledge of our employees, Daniel Deak and his trainers, Éric Bédard and Yvon Boisvert, presented a training approach. After validation, we submitted our project to Emploi-Québec, which agreed to support us financially to implement the program. Therefore, at the end of 2007 and early 2008, this training was underway, and 16 workers took part in it.

We wish to thank the School Board and its Business Services Department as well as Sylvie Verville of Emploi-Québec for their collaboration in this project. We also wish to acknowledge the enthusiasm and participation of our employees, who sacrificed many of their Saturdays in order to refine their knowledge and skills.

We are very proud to have received the Mercure Award for Training in 2008 from the FCCQ (Québec Federation of Chambers of Commerce) for this project. We found ourselves in the company of Rolls-Royce Canada in receiving this tribute, which confirmed that we demonstrate audacity and innovation in regards to training. This project was also honoured during the winners' event of the Réseau Industriel Drummond in 2009 by winning the Training Prize.

But our efforts did not stop at this point. We continued to build momentum by providing opportunities to our employees who had multiple years of service with us to undertake a process of prior learning recognition, in order to obtain their Diploma of Professional Studies in Machining Techniques.

And so, since the end of 2009, we have offered a work-study program that allows our employees to work for us and go to school one day per week, while being paid. This cohort, which is unique so far, should graduate by 2015, and we are now considering the opportunity to start others.

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